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Target Decision Makers in DC and Any State House
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2 Year Anniversary Shout-outs

1631 Digital is the New World Order in Issue Advocacy, Political, PR, Branding & Retail Messaging.

We use complex data and multiple tactics in every strategy to find the best possible audiences online for your campaign message.

Issue & Advocacy

Target the decision makers across the country in any State House. We can even target on the grassroots level reaching specific voters even more granular than the congressional district level.

Strategic Digital Messaging

Create viable working campaigns for your organization’s message to decision makers or voters. We work with major associations, advocacy groups and political campaigns across the country to pinpoint messages to the most appropriate audiences.

Political Campaign

Craft unique messages and distribute nationally, by region, district, city, neighborhood and even down to the building. Full service targeting via online, CTV, OTT, email and direct mail strategies.

PR / Communications

Create op-eds, content, stories and interview requests. Develop promotion and get your campaign interviewed in print, radio, TV, online, social channels and cable.

Geographic Targeting

Define specialized geo-fences and geo-targets based on the political issue you are targeting.

Retail, Restaurants & Branding

Full Service Digital Strategy for brands, retail stores, restaurants, chains, service providers and more.

2 Year Anniversary Shout-outs



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